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Zoning Board


Timothy Murphy
Paul J. Pacco
Kelly Peris




Renee Hala



Stefanie DiLallo Bitter

792-2117 ext 6419

Code Enforcement

Neil Hepner


The Zoning Board of Appeals meets at the Village Hall when there is an application before them or when the Chair calls a meeting.

The Zoning Board of Appeals was established in 2004 by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Corinth to hear and decide, upon appeal from a decision or determination of the Code Enforcement Officer, interpretation of the Local Zoning Law and on variances to the Local Zoning Law in area or in use. We are committed to encouraging proper growth and development within the Village of Corinth. Application forms may be obtained from the Code Enforcement Officer or the Village Hall during regular business hours.

Copies of the Village Code, which contains zoning regulations, are located online at and at the Village Hall and the Corinth Free Library.

For further information contact the Village Hall or any of the Board members.

If you are a Village resident interested in serving on the Zoning Board of Appeals please submit a letter of interest to the Village Hall, 244 Main Street, Corinth, NY 12822.