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The Corinth Rural Cemetery is located on the east side of 9N near the railroad tracks. In 1872 the Corinth Rural Cemetery Association was created and four acres of land was purchased from T.C. Fenton by the trustees and officers. The cemetery was enlarged when more property was bought from Warren Curtis in 1901. The oldest section of the cemetery between the railroad tracks and the first driveway was actually graves moved here in 1897 from the old burial ground on Main Street where the present Main Street School now stands. The remains of the 332 of Corinth's earliest settlers were moved to consolidate the cemeteries, unfortunately the identity of only 107 bodies were known. A soldier's memorial circle is in the center of the older section. St. Mary's Cemetery in located across the road from the rural cemetery and was begun in the early 1900's by the Church of the Immaculate Conception.