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Section 73-1 of the Village Code is hereby amended as follows:

Proposed additions are bold. Proposed deletions are in [italics in brackets].

73-1 Outdoor [rubbish fires] Burning

A. It shall be unlawful for any person to burn paper, waste, rubbish or any other material outdoors on any public or private property unless such burning is in small amounts and in a covered container constructed so that the material, when burned, will not come out of said container and burn grass or other material in that vicinity, unless the person doing said burning obtains permission of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Corinth, New York, and the Fire Chief of the said Village of Corinth, and such burning is done under the supervision of a member of the Fire Department of said village.

B. Outdoor Furnaces.

1. Definition. As used in this Section, the term Outdoor Furnace shall mean any equipment, device or apparatus, or any part thereof, which is installed, affixed or situated outdoors for the primary purpose of combustion of fuel to produce heat or energy used as a component of a heating system providing heat for an interior space.

2. Use prohibited. No person shall install, affix, situate or operate or cause to be installed, affixed, situated or operated an Outdoor Furnace in the Village of Corinth.

3. Preexisting Outdoor Furnaces. The operation of any Outdoor Furnace installed and in operation prior to the effective date of this Section shall be permitted to continue upon the following conditions:

A. Such operation may not be extended or enlarged.

B. Fuel used in the operation of such furnaces shall be limited to dry, natural, untreated wood.

C. Such outdoor furnaces must be equipped with a properly functioning spark arrester and have a chimney or smokestack height of a least 12 feet.

D. Such Outdoor Furnace may only be operated between October 1 and April 30.

E. Any Outdoor Furnace in existence upon the adoption of this chapter may not be replaced by another furnace which is larger than the Outdoor Furnace in existence upon the adoption of this chapter, in either physical size or capacity.

F. Such operation must comply with all federal, New York State, and Saratoga County laws, rules and regulations, whether or not such rules and regulations are specifically designed to govern the operation of Outdoor Furnaces.

G. Operators of such Outdoor Furnaces at the effective date of this Section must, within one year of the effective date of this Local Law obtain a permit for the continued operation as herein permitted from the Code Enforcement Officer of the Village of Corinth upon certification of such Officer that the conditions set forth above have been complied with, or such operation must cease.