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2002 – PRESENT


  • Replaced old sewer lines, curbing, & pavement from W. Maple to Hamilton Ave. pump station; 5th St.; & Pine St. to the Town line.
  • Widened & resurfaced W. Maple St. to create a pedestrian walkway from top of hill to Hamilton Ave.
  • Updated storm drainage system on 6th St.


  • Developed first Vulnerability Assessment & Emergency Response Plan.
  • Reconstructed Dunn Ave.
  • Installed new 8” water main on Main St. from Eggleston St. to Wiley Way for new Town water district.


  • Rebuilt completely Hamilton Ave. & Center St. water, sewer, streets & sidewalks ($4 million project.)
  • Replaced old sewer line W. Mechanic St.
  • Installed new 6” water line with fire hydrants & resurfaced 2nd St.
  • Installed water lines & storm water drainage system for new firehouse, Saratoga Ave.


  • Built new firehouse Saratoga Ave. ($2 million project.)
  • Reconstructed Beech St..
  • Installed new 8” water & sewer lines from new firehouse on Saratoga Ave. under railroad tracks to cemetery.
  • Replaced 400 foot retaining wall on Maple St. between Cumberland Farms and Mill  St. Resurfaced with attractive engineered stone.


  • Replaced 800 foot retaining wall and installed new iron railings on Palmer Ave. near Rite Aid.
  • Passed Zoning Law and created Zoning Board of Appeals.
  • Secured $300,000 grant from Sen. Hugh Farley for repairs to Upper Reservoir property.
  • Replaced Maple St. sidewalks.
  • Replaced sidewalks & curbing on River St.
  • Installed two 2000 gallon underground fuel storage tanks at DPW.
  • Installed light poles, underground conduit and wiring for firehouse parking lot.
  • Updated water line from 4” to 8”, updated sewer line and repaved Main St. from Eggleston to Walnut.
  • Installed retaining wall fence at Firehouse.
  • Secured $650,000 NYS Small Cities (Community Dev Block Grant) to rehab commercial buildings.


  • Lobbied NYS to repave approximately 1 mile of Rt 9N Main & Maple Business District.
  • Secured $90,000 grant for Jessup’s Landing Park project.
  • Replaced 1 mile of sidewalks on both sides of Main St. from Walnut to Maple.
  • Repaved Ash St.
  • Resurfaced DPW Garage blacktop.
  • Replaced sidewalks on north side of Oak St. from Main to Oak St. school cafeteria.
  • Secured $400,000 NYS HOME grant to rehab low income residential properties.
  • Abolished Corinth Police Dept and negotiated contract with Sheriff Dept for savings of $150,000 annually.


  • Repaved Oak St. to top of hill.
  • Installed radiant heat at old DPW garage for winter emergency equipment.
  • Installed new pump at Hamilton Ave to cut energy usage.
  • Refurbished WWTP settling tank.
  • Replaced sidewalks and curbing on Mill St.
  • Updated water mains from 4” to 8” and installed new hydrants on Eggleston St.
  • 244 Main St. donated to Village; renovated for Village Hall, Building Dept, and Emergency Management. Installed new handicap ramp and railings.
  • Secured $50,000 grant for disinfection of effluent at WWTP.
  • Secured $25,000 grant from Sen. Farley for purchase of ATV for Fire Dept.
  • Secured another $300,000 NYS HOME grant to rehab low income residential properties.


  • Added orthophosphate to water system to sequester rusting pipes and improve quality of drinking water.
  • Repaved Lemont Ave. & added 6 new water/sewer taps.
  • DPW designed, built, and installed new sand screen device that removes frozen chunks of sand to increase life of sander chains on trucks.
  • Installed new curbing and sidewalks on West Maple St. from King Ave. to Dunn Ave.
  • Closed old Stump Dump at DPW.
  • Removed old firemens’ buildings at Jessup’s Landing Community Park and built new rest rooms and storage facility with grant funding.
  • Replaced sidewalks on Mallery St.
  • Refurbished Beach bathhouse.


  • Began metal recycling drive for the Village and surrounding communities.
  • Installed new curbing and sidewalks on Mechanic St.
  • Installed new curbing and sidewalks on West Maple St. from Dunn to top of W. Maple St. hill.
  • Received new regulations from DEC re: Water Dept. At least 2 employees must have a Class 2B and D water license, plus a Class 2A when filtration plant is completed. Previously only needed a Class 2B.
  • Used Town of Corinth’s screener to screen fill from closed Stump Dump for top soil.
  • Secured another $300,000 NYS HOME grant to rehab low income residential properties.


  • Installed new sidewalks on Main St. in front of vacant properties.
  • Installed new chlorine gas sensor at water department.
  • Began chipping brush during leaf and brush pickup for mulch.
  • Repaved Sherman Ave and installed new curbing and sidewalks.
  • Passed Nuisance Abatement Law to ensure that residents are in compliance with the NYS Property Maintenance Code.
  • Repaved Oak St.
  • Repaved Mallery St.
  • Repaired pavement at railroad crossings on Main St and Center St.
  • Purchased used bulldozer; split cost with Town of Corinth.
  • Supported new Town Ambulance service; provided use of former Police Dept building for squad and equipment at no cost.
  • Purchased used tractor with snowblower for sidewalks.


  • Secured $505,000 in NYS Home grants to rehab low income residential properties.