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June 1, 2006

Dear Village Residents,

2006 will be another busy year in the village. Our board is committed to improving our local economy with the ultimate goal to lower everyone’s village property taxes. A critical part of the plan is rebuilding our infrastructure and improving the overall look of our village as a means to attract and retain local business. This summer you will continue to see our enhancement efforts as Superintendent Art Lozier and our DPW begin projects that include rebuilding streets and replacing unsafe sidewalks throughout the village. The repaving and repair efforts will focus on Main St, Lemont Ave, Raymond St, and River St. We thank in advance Town Highway Superintendent Harry Plummer and the Town Highway Dept for the mutual co-operation and sharing of services that is so vital to both the Town and Village.

At present, the village has applied for a combined $1.25 Million in grants, state and federal, to rebuild our downtown, residential areas, and parks. We thank our legislators, Senator Hugh Farley and Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward. With their support, we have been awarded a $200,000 Main St Grant. In addition to NYS DOT Grants received of $130,000, our board committed about $80,000 necessary to do the work to enhance the gateway entrances to our village. With this funding, we have recently built attractive new sidewalks with stone faced retaining walls on Maple St, and the new retaining wall and decorative steel railing on Palmer Ave. We thank Senator Farley for convincing NYS last fall to repave Saratoga Ave and Main St. What a dramatic difference that made to our community!

Investment in infrastructure is paying off. It has and will continue to spur private sector investment and improvement in our business districts which is vital to enticing and retaining new viable downtown businesses. We applaud the efforts of downtown Main St business property owners Mike Carr and Gonen Yohahanof; the Densmores of “Woodworks Furniture Gallery”; Lou McArthur owner of Mars Inc, the Gallery and the Snowshoe building on Maple St; Saratoga Ave business owners Cleveland Brothers Landscaping; James Marto of Palmer Falls Pub, and others for the investment and improvements they have made in their own buildings and businesses. We ask all of our residents to do your part by improving and maintaining your home, business, and property. Little things matter, such as maintaining a curb box or planting strip in front of your home or business. We ask for your help in that you “adopt it” by replanting the grass each year and keeping it mowed.  

Another of our board’s priorities has been to make the downtown business district “pedestrian friendly”. Chief Kane and our Village Police Department will be busy with additional downtown patrols throughout the summer months. As always, they are committed to serving and protecting the public.  We feel it is of the utmost importance to make pedestrians feel safe and welcome to traverse the streets of our downtown if our businesses are going to be successful. To that end our DPW will be experimenting with newer materials for crosswalks to make them more visible and last longer. We have contacted the NYS DOT to get approval for additional crosswalks on Main St. and will continue to install additional crosswalk signage. Our board will work with Police Chief Kane to enforce the crosswalk laws. We want to emulate the success of other communities like Lake Placid and Lake George, where drivers get accustomed to giving the right of way to pedestrians, as required by law, and enjoy a vibrant downtown business district.

Everyone must do their part in helping our local economy by patronizing local businesses. Local businesses (unlike out of town businesses) re-circulate money back into our local economy,  pay local property and school taxes, volunteer their time, and support  local charities and youth organizations.  Statistics say every dollar you spend at local businesses circulate up to 10 times in your community. Dollars you spend out of town support someone else’s community. With high gas prices, it makes even more economic sense to spend your dollars here.

Your village and town are working with neighboring communities on a more regional approach to tourism. We cannot by ourselves be a tourist Mecca, but with co-operation and joint promotion with our neighbors that share the Hudson River corridor, we will strive to be more successful in helping our local businesses attract more visitors and out of town dollars to supplement our local economy. 

Everyday, the “Scenic Train” becomes closer to reality. Thanks to NYS, Warren & Saratoga County, and the efforts of Town Supervisor Lucia and the Town Board, Jack Kelly and Ken Green of Saratoga Economic Development Corp., our own Scenic Train & Parklands Committee Members and Village Board, the “Scenic Train” is expected to start up sometime soon.  Our own “Scenic Train Committee” is working hard to develop the plans, raise the funds, and recruit the volunteers necessary to rebuild our own train station. We still need a lot of help, so please call us if you would like to be a part of this exciting project. 

As for the former IP property, there has been little to report lately. Philmet representatives say they are working to develop successful strategies and new tenants for the property. The Village & Town Boards are reviewing drafts for new zoning regulations that will encourage safe and environmentally sound manufacturing and industry.

We have many excellent volunteer committees working for a better Corinth, such as the Corinth Parklands & Scenic Train Committee, the Image Committee, the Comprehensive Master Plan Committee, the Joint Economic Development Committee, Beautification Committee, and others. We need community minded residents to volunteer and serve on these various committees as well as the Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board. If you can volunteer a few hours a month, please call me to discuss our common interests and I am sure we will all benefit from it. Your Village Board will be happy to hear your thoughts and ideas. I wish you all a healthy, enjoyable and prosperous summer!

Sincerely Yours,
Brad Winslow, Mayor