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Corinth Residents,

At our Village Board meeting on 3-1-06, I announced that I had just received notification by phone that Philmet had decide against making their presentation to the public that had been scheduled for 3-8-06 at the Corinth High School Gymnasium. We subsequently advertised this cancellation in the Friday March 3rd’s issue of the “Pennysaver News”. Philmet’s reason for canceling was that they preferred to wait until they could give more complete information to our residents.  

At our regular board meeting of February 15th, our village board voted to schedule a public hearing for March 15th, on a proposed local law that would establish a moratorium on waste disposal facilities in the Village. This gave 30 days notice of the public hearing. Our board has encouraged Philmet since they took ownership last September, to do a public presentation, and we personally made all the arrangements for them to do their presentation on March 8th. We felt it would be beneficial to our board and our residents to have a week to absorb the information before the hearing.  Our board is obviously disappointed that the presentation by Philmet will not occur as scheduled, prior to the hearing.  This public hearing however, in conjunction with this regularly scheduled meeting of the Village Board, will go on as advertised on March 15th, 6pm at the Corinth High School Auditorium. We moved the venue to the auditorium in order to comfortably accommodate as many residents as possible, and so that everyone, including Philmet, may have an adequate opportunity to address our board and make their voice heard prior to our vote on this proposed law. We look forward to seeing all of you there.  


Brad Winslow, Mayor