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Village Board Minutes

June 17, 2024 (6)

A regular meeting of the Village Board was held June 17, 2024 at 6:30 PM in the Firehouse, 16 Saratoga Ave.

Mayor Miller called the meeting to order &led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:  Trustee Clark, Trustee Kirchhoff & Trustee Stollery were present.  Trustee Bedell was absent.

Motion by Trustee Clark, seconded by Trustee Stollery, approved minutes of June 3, 2024 public hearing & regular meeting as typed.
Carried – 3 – 0


Motion by Trustee Kirchhoff, seconded by Trustee Stollery, approved Corinth Image Committee’s Independence Day parade July 6, 2024 down Main St from the Little League Field to River St stepping off at 1:00 PM.
Carried – 3 – 0


Jennifer Kietzman, Pine St, and Kendra Schieber, Overlook Dr, mentioned other Independence Day events such as a festival on the football field and a scenic train ride.


CLERK-TREASURER – Clerk-Treas Colson was present, report for 6/17/2024 read & filed.

Motion by Trustee Clark, seconded by Trustee Kirchhoff, approved payment of abstract #26 in the amount of: General $22,739.47 (#132-1249; 1252-1254); Water 3,107.98 (#1250-1251; 1253); and Sewer $478.50 (#1248-1249).
Carried – 3 – 0

Motion by Trustee Kirchhoff, seconded by Trustee Stollery, approved payment of abstract #1 in the amount of: Payroll $59,105.09 (#0001); General $513,010.22 (#0002-0022; 0025-0026); Water $241.32(#0025-0026) and Sewer$2,264.90 (#0022-0026).
Carried – 3 – 0

Resolution #9 approved, budget transfers for 2023/2024 fiscal year.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Chief Kelley was excused, report for May 2024 on file.

DPW/WATER/WWTP – Supt Lozier was present.

Supt Lozier has received verbal quotes for  meter pits as follows: TiSales $1,052.40; Core & Main $2,202.56; FW Webb has no meter pits available for 10 months.

Motion by Trustee Kirchhoff, seconded by Trustee Stollery, approved purchase of four (4) meter pits from TiSales; $4,209.60.
Carried – 3 – 0

Palmer Ave project is progressing ahead of schedule, one block of storm sewer will be finished this week.

Mayor Miller commended the DPW crew on the maintenance of parks.

BUILDING INSPECTOR – Insp Hepner was excused, report for 6/17/2024 filed.


Resolution #10 approved, authorize mayor to submit application to the Saratoga County Trails Grant Program for a matching grant (amount to be determined by the mayor) for trail markers for the Reservoir Property.


The Board instructed the DPW to open the Pagenstecher Park bathrooms for a school field trip on August 14, 2024 at 9:00AM.

Resolution #11 approved, sick-time buy-out of 86 hours for Clifford Jensen, DPW Assistant Superintendent.


Jennifer Kietzman, Pine St, informed the Board of progress made in recovering digital files of Reservoir signs from the former Reservoir Cmte members.

Kendra Schieber, Overlook Dr, Jennifer Kietzman, Pine St, and Jennifer Michelle, Locust Ridge, presented multiple suggestions for improvements to the Reservoir Property to the Board.  There was also discussion of the DEC signage at the property, Mayor Miller indicated the Village would be changing the signage.  Ms. Schieber suggested the DEC reference gave the area more credibility & suggested it remain.

Jennifer Michelle, Locust Ridge, addressed the Board regarding changing some plantings at the beach that are not thriving and requested permission to pull invasive mugwort from the beach area.  The Board approved both requests.  Ms. Michelle also mentioned the Assembly and Senate recently passed a bill to create a native plant seed supply, it is currently awaiting the Governor’s signature.

Kendra Schieber, Overlook Dr, mentioned the beach planter has Asian bittersweet that needs to be pulled and treated.  Supt Lozier informed her all the planters at the beach were being pulled and replanted.


Mayor Miller complimented the DPW on the installation of the new Village entryway sign north of the beach.  He also stated he is contacting companies for estimates on the recording of Village Board meetings.


Motion by Trustee Clark, seconded by Trustee Stollery, that Board adjourn, 7:10 PM.
Carried – 3 – 0

Nicole M. Colson