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Village Board Minutes

March 6, 2024 (49)

A regular meeting of the Village Board was held March 6, 2024 at 6:00 PM in the Firehouse, 16 Saratoga Ave.

Mayor Pasquarell called the meeting to order & led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Trustee Bedell, Trustee Brown & Trustee Halliday were present.   Trustee Kelly arrived at 6:01 PM.

Motion by Trustee Bedell, seconded by Trustee Halliday, approved minutes of February 21, 2024 regular meeting as typed.
Carried – 3 – 0




CLERK-TREASURER – Clerk-Treas Colson was present, report for 3/6/2024 read & filed.

Motion by Trustee Bedell, seconded by Trustee Brown, approved payment of abstract #19 in the amount of: Payroll $40,812.26 (#0873-0874); General $69,529.82 (#0875-0907; 0923-0928); Water $11,608.56 (#0908-0913; 0926-0928); Sewer $16,568.78 (#0910; 0914-0918; 0922; 0924-0928); and HUD Housing $59,010.60 (#1433 & #1434).
Carried – 3 – 0

The Healthy Corinth Coalition is having a Town Clean-Up Day on April 21, 2024 and requested to incorporate a Village area for younger participants that should not be on the roadways.  The Board agreed Jessup’s Landing Walkway would be an appropriate location.

At 6:01 PM Trustee Kelly arrived.

Clerk-Treas Colson informed the Board that residents have submitted a valid petition with 354 signatures for a referendum on the serial bond issuance.  The March 19, 2024 General Election will have the proposition question on the back of the ballot.

The Board scheduled their first budget workshop for March 14, 2024 at 6:00 PM in the Village Hall.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Chief Kelley was present, report for February 2024 read & filed.

DPW/WATER/WWTP – Supt Lozier was present, report for February 2024 read & filed.

Playground equipment safety upgrades are underway in Pagenstecher Park, the fence has been damaged from the storms and Supt Lozier is getting quotes for repairs.

The mayor requested replacement of the Village sign on Rte 9N near the cemeteries.

BUILDING INSPECTOR – Insp Hepner was present, report for 3/6/2024 read & filed.


The Board is ready to move forward with the amendment to the Sewer Code, Atty Buettner will have a similar amendment for the Water Code at the next meeting.  The Board changed the usual time and location of the March 20 meeting in order to hold the public hearing.

Motion by Trustee Bedell, seconded by Trustee Halliday, approved publication in The Post Star of public hearing for amendment to the Sewer Code to be held March 20, 2024 at 6:00 PM in the Firehouse.
Carried – 4 – 0


Motion by Trustee Kelly, seconded by Trustee Halliday, approved publication of the General Election candidates and proposition question in The Post Star.
Carried – 4 – 0

Supt Lozier received three quotes for cleaning and inspection of the water storage tank:  Aqueous Infrastructure Management (AIM) $7,490; Pittsburgh Tank & Tower Group $8,395; and Pipe Trekker who does not do the labor , but sells equipment to be used in cleaning & inspection.

Motion by Trustee Brown, seconded by Trustee Bedell, approved acceptance of quote for cleaning and inspection of the water storage tank from Aqueous Infrastructure Management (AIM); $7,490.
Carried – 4 – 0

Resolution #57 approved, hire of Nicholas Burke to the vacant position of MEO as of March 7, 2024 at $24.95 per hour.

Motion by Trustee Brown, seconded by Trustee Halliday, approved mayoral signature on contract with Public Sector HR Consultants LLC to provide updated employee handbook and one-year of updates for $5,400.
Carried – 4 - 0

Mayor Pasquarell outlined recent efforts by NYCOM to lobby for increased Aid and Incentive to Municipalities (AIM) for cities and villages.  AIM funding has not increased in 15 years.

Resolution #58 approved, urging Governor Hochul to work with the Senate and Assembly leaders to increase AIM funding in the 2024-2025 State Budget.

Mayor Pasquarell informed the Board of his meeting with Supt Lozier, Roger Finch from Cleveland Bros, and Town resident Jennifer Michelle to discuss ways to make the annual Village flower plantings and maintenance of grounds more pollinator friendly.  Cleveland Brothers will be using organic fertilizers this year and incorporating native flower plantings.  A space for a pollinator garden near the emergency boat dock has also been identified.

Motion by Trustee Kelly, seconded by Trustee Halliday, approved mayoral signature on contracts with Cleveland Brothers for maintenance of Village grounds $5,420; Firehouse lawn fertilization $750; and flower planting and maintenance $8,990.
Carried – 4 – 0

The Board discussed reed bed planting at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The contract with CWG has been terminated after the phragmites failed to survive and the DEC has removed all conditions related to the phragmites in order for traditional wetland planting to be installed.  If the Village uses EFC loan funding the project would need to go through the full bidding process and abide by MWBE requirements which increase the cost of the project.  The Board determined the best option to reduce costs was to use Village funds to hire a contractor directly.  Unused funds authorized by the EFC will either be taken off the outstanding loan principal amount or used toward payment of the next debt payment.

Resolution #59 approved, authorize mayoral signature on proposal from North Country Ecological Services for installation of conventional wetland plantings at the Wastewater Treatment Plant; up to $68,400.


Jennifer Michelle, Locust Ridge, thanked the Board and Supt Lozier for working with Cleveland Brothers to switch fertilizers.  Ms. Michelle also asked if the wetland plantings are native, they are.

Terry Miller, Lemont Ave, had questions regarding the storage tank testing, Supt Lozier stated it was x-rayed nine years ago and all DOH guidelines have been followed in their maintenance.  Mr. Miller questioned the vetting of North Country Ecological Services and the source of the reeds.  Supt Lozier stated the company was vetted and the reeds are grown near the NY/NJ border.  Mr. Miller also expressed his opinion that DPW should be completing the work done by the Cleveland Brother contracts.



Mayor Pasquarell requested an executive session to discuss litigations.

Motion by Trustee Brown, seconded by Trustee Kelly, that Board adjourn to executive session as requested by Mayor Pasquarell above, 6:29 PM.
Carried – 4 – 0

At 6:43 PM the Board reconvened with no action taken in executive session.


Motion by Trustee Bedell, seconded by Trustee Kelly, that Board adjourn, 6:44 PM.
Carried – 4 – 0

Nicole M. Colson