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Village Board Minutes

November 2, 2022 (26)

A regular meeting of the Village Board was held November 2, 2022 at 6:00 PM in the Firehouse, 16 Saratoga Avenue.

Deputy Mayor Halliday called the meeting to order & led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:  Trustee Bedell, Trustee Brown, Trustee Coltrain & Trustee Halliday were present.  Mayor Pasquarell was delayed.

Motion by Trustee Brown, seconded by Trustee Coltrain, approved minutes of the October 19, 2022 regular meeting as typed.
Carried – 4 – 0  


The Board reviewed a letter from the Town of Corinth Planning Board regarding a major Main Street subdivision and their intent to declare lead agency.



CLERK-TREASURER – Clerk-Treas Colson was present, report for 11/2/2022 read & filed.

Motion by Trustee Coltrain, seconded by Trustee Bedell, approved payment of abstract #10 in the amount of: Payroll $35,985.77 (#0437-0438); General $40,227.42 (#0439-0462; 0478-0480); Water $7,050.74 (#0461-0471; 0479-0480; 0436); Sewer $8,389.89 (#0457; 0461-0462; 0471-0472; 0478-0480); and Capital Projects $425,397.90 (#0473-0477).
Carried – 4- 0

Clerk-Treasurer Colson requested an executive session to discuss the employment history of particular employees.

Trustee Halliday inquired about a payment being made to Indeck and when it would be expected to be made. Clerk-Treasurer Colson explained that the payment would be processed in early December.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Chief Kelley was present, report for October 2022 read & filed.

DPW/WATER/WWTP – Supt Lozier was present, report for October 2022 read & filed.

Supt Lozier stated that blacktopping on White Street is 95% completed with the application of topsoil, straw and seed for the spring months. Supt Lozier also stated that the DPW has started the winterization process of all Village buildings as well as equipment and that leaf and brush collection has been steady.

BUILDING INSPECTOR – Insp Hepner was excused, report for 11/2/22 filed.



The Board was asked to review a proposed Training expense Reimbursement Policy with suggested changes from Clerk-Treasurer Colson detailing exempting appointed employee training, including license definitions, consideration of eliminating employees from paying back wages missed from attending training and waiving requirement of social security numbers present on the proposed Policy. The Board discussed in detail with Attorney Buettner details of the proposed changes and how to adopt and approve the Policy with notification given to CSEA for negotiating purposes.

Resolution #37 approved, approve Proposed Training Expense Reimbursement Policy as amended for non-union employees.

Motion by Trustee Bedell, seconded by Trustee Coltrain, approved review of Local Law 3 of 2022 with a public hearing set to be published and scheduled for November 16, 2022, 6 PM, 16 Saratoga Avenue.
Carried – 4 – 0                 

Motion by Trustee Bedell, seconded by Trustee Coltrain, approve mayoral signature on Penflex Contract with annual fee of $5,600.00 plus additional options.
Carried – 4 – 0

Resolution #38, approved hire of Don Stanton as part-time seasonal Laborer at DPW; $19.45 per hour.


Maureen Granger Kelly, Image Committee, provided the Board with a Hometown Christmas Celebration 2022 schedule to begin December 3rd lasting though December 18th. Events are centered around local businesses and are set to kick off at the Corinth Train Station on December 3rd from 9:30 AM-12:00 PM followed by activities at the Corinth Barn from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM as well as a visit with Santa at the Corinth EMS Building. Maureen also highlighted scavenger hunt, parade, fireworks details as well as donations from Stewart’s Shops for refreshments to be used at events. Updates to the Board will be provided.

At 6:17 PM Mayor Pasquarell arrived.

Jennifer Michelle, Locust Ridge, expressed her thanks to the Board for sending a letter in support of a CDTA bus line from Corinth to Saratoga Springs. Jennifer stated that she spoke with a local community center representative that implemented the app-based CDTA Flex program in Mechanicville. The service provides curb-to-curb transportation service for interested individuals and could potentially provide transportation to local employers. Jennifer will update the Board as she learns more about the implementation process.


Trustee Bedell thanked Maureen Kelly for her involvement in the Hometown Christmas Celebration.

Trustee Halliday detailed a meeting he attended at the Corinth Firehouse involving Jack Kelley and a group of graduate students studying urban revitalization. As a part of their curriculum, students chose to study Corinth and will submit plans that mimic a small-scale master plan. Trustee Halliday expressed his intertest in having Jack Kelley speak to the Board at a future date regarding the program as well as partnering with the students as they study the area in real-time.

Trustee Halliday informed the Board that he spoke with Jack Kelley regarding railroad tracks in the Village and was advised by Jack to not have them removed as the removal may prevent NYS from installing again in the future. Trustee Halliday also expressed his concerns over potential encroachment from surrounding parcels surrounding Village railroad tracks. Per his conversation with Jack Kelley, Trustee Halliday was informed that potential buyers are available and interested in the tracks as a centrally located way of distributing throughout the Northeast region. Trustee Halliday stated that he disagreed with International Paper’s statement on the tracks as being financially inadvisable to repair. Trustee Halliday informed the Board that grants are available to improve the tracks and that he would like Jack Kelley to address the Board about the situation.

Trustee Halliday referenced a recent visit to the Corinth Beach area where he noticed a Town Councilwoman, Town Supervisor and a vehicle with NYS Urban Development insignia. Trustee Halliday was informed that the gathering may be associated with a revitalization grant. Trustee Halliday expressed his interest in having  Village representatives involved with the grant process regarding Village properties.

The Mayor will contact Jack Kelley regarding railroad tracks within the Village.


Motion by Mayor Pasquarell, seconded by Trustee Bedell, that Board adjourn to executive session as requested by Clerk-Treasurer Colson to discuss the employment history of particular employees, 6:38 PM.
Carried – 5- 0

At 6:44 PM the Board reconvened with no action taken in executive session.


Motion by Trustee Bedell, seconded by Mayor Pasquarell, that Board adjourn, 6:44 PM.
Carried – 5 – 0

Annaliese Stautner
Deputy Clerk-Treasurer