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Village Board Minutes

March 9, 2022 (42)

A special meeting of the Village Board was held March 9, 2022 at 5:00 PM at the Village Hall, 244 Main Street.

Mayor Pasquarell called the meeting to order.

Roll Call: Trustee Bedell, Trustee Brown, & Trustee Kelly were present.  Trustee Halliday arrived late.
Also Present: Clerk-Treas Colson, Supt Lozier & Chief Kelley.

Supt Lozier presented his budget requests to the Board including $110,000 for equipment, a decrease of $115,000 over last year’s request.  Supt Lozier plans to purchase a used boom lift to replace the currently red-tagged bucket truck and a mini-excavator.  The back-hoe will be kept as a back-up.  Supt Lozier also requested $40,000 be appropriated in the Water Fund equipment line to replace the current water truck with a small bus.  $15,000 is needed to expand the pole barn which would replace storage at the former Police Department allowing that building to be sold.  Supt Lozier also plans to reconstruct White St if materials can be obtained.  CSEA contract is currently open for negotiation.  Supt Lozier also outlined expected savings in uniform costs by using a different vendor.   Supt Lozier requested a $4,000 increase to Sewer Fund R&M Equipment in order to purchase a new bubbler for the Hamilton Ave pump station to help eliminate the settling of solids in the wet well and minor odor problems.

Chief Kelley arrived at 5:15PM and Supt Lozier was excused at 5:40PM.  Trustee Halliday arrived at 5:45PM.

Chief Kelley presented his budget requests to the Board which include an equipment request of $144,200 in order to purchase a new ATV, smoke ejectors, hose, flow meters, thermal imaging cameras, and other miscellaneous equipment.  A reserve request of $225,000 will go toward the future purchase of a fire truck and replacement air packs.  Chief Kelley & the Board also discussed a potential capital project to accommodate items currently stored at the former Police Department building and items being stored by the Fireman’s Association.  Chief Kelley would like to have all equipment stored on the grounds of the firehouse.  The Board directed Clerk-Treas Colson to obtain a proposal for a building feasibility study from Laberge Group to outline various options and costs.

At 6:15PM Chief Kelley was excused.

The Board & Clerk-Treas Colson discussed numerous other items to be included in the budget such as increased fuel costs due to current inflation, increases in proposed insurance rates as well as increases to salaries for staff.  The Board is not requesting an increase in Board and Mayor salaries at this time.  The Board is willing to consider an increased donation to the Corinth Free Library to help with costs of their planned capital project which includes increased Wi-Fi access and outdoor charging stations which would enhance community access.  The Board also discussed potential appropriation of fund balance in order to offset equipment costs.

Motion by Mayor Pasquarell, seconded by Trustee Brown, that Board adjourn at 7:10PM.          
Carried – 5 – 0

Nicole M. Colson