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Village Board Minutes

February 28, 2018 (48)

A special meeting, budget workshop, of the Village Board was held February 28, 2018 at 6:00 PM in the Village Hall, 244 Main Street.

Mayor Morreale called the meeting to order.

Roll Call: Trustee Denno, Trustee Enekes, Trustee Halliday & Trustee Kelly were present.

Supt Lozier presented his budget requests for the 2018/2019 fiscal year which include a total of $320,000 estimated equipment costs.  Supt Lozier requested purchase of a TYMCO sweeper/vacuum and a trailer mounted jetter to be used to clean sewer & storm drains.  Supt Lozier pointed out that currently the DPW does not have the equipment necessary to properly maintain the new storm sewer drainage installed as part of the recent street rehabilitation project.  The purchase of the sweeper/vac and trailer mounted jetter are significantly less than other options, including a combination truck with jetter on board.  The old street sweeper would be sold as surplus equipment.  Water and sewer budgets show no major increases except the first payment of the water debt long term financing.

At 6:30 PM Supt Lozier was excused.

Chief Kelley and Asst Chief Kevin Granger presented the Fire Department budget requests for the 2018/2019 fiscal year.  Major requests include new apparatus bay floor due to the deterioration of the current flooring expected to cost approximately $75,000 as well as a $10,000 increase to the repair and maintenance of vehicles line.  Other major expenses include a $200,000 contribution request to reserves.  The reserves would be used toward the future purchase of a pumper truck and the replacement of air packs that will become necessary in 3-5 years.  The Department also plans on applying for grants to assist with the air pack replacement.  The Chiefs stated four pumper trucks are necessary in order to maintain the ISO rating of 4/4Y which impacts local homeowner insurance rates.  Asst Chief Granger submitted an equipment replacement schedule.  Chief Kelley and Asst Chief Granger answered numerous questions from the Village Board as well as Town Councilman Halliday & Town Councilman Butler.  The Village Board also discussed numerous ways to compute the Fire Protection Contract price with the Town of Corinth.  Clerk-Treas Colson was instructed to provide numbers for several scenarios for the Board's consideration.

Next budget workshop meeting was set for Wednesday, March 14 at 6:00 PM in the Village Hall.

Motion by Trustee Denno, seconded by Trustee Enekes, that Board adjourn, 8:07PM.
Carried - 4 - 0

Nicole M. Colson