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November 16, 2017 (26)

A special joint meeting of the Town and Village Boards was held November 16, 2017 at 6:00 PM at the Corinth EMS Building, 101 Sherman Avenue.

Supervisor Lucia and Mayor Morreale called the meeting to order: Supervisor Lucia led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call of Village Board: Trustee Denno, Trustee Halliday & Trustee Halliday were present. Trustee Enekes was excused.

Roll call of Town Board: Councilman Brown, Councilman Byrnes, Councilman Collura & Councilman Halliday were present.

Corinth School Board attendees: Superintendent Dr. Mark Stratton, Meredith Jenkins & Celia Lockhart.

Also Present: Clerk Rose Farr, Highway Supt Sean Eggleston, Corinth EMS Director Matt Fogarty, Town Attorney Robert Hafner, Corinth Fire Chief Andrew Kelley, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Annaliese Stautner, Saratoga County Undersheriff Richard Castle.


Councilman Collura distributed a letter to both Town and Village Boards that cited a past joint meeting held between Town and Village Boards to discuss the Fire Protection Contract. The Town Board expressed their thoughts on the differing amounts between Town and Village residents and called for a more equalized method in funding the Fire Protection Contract.


Mayor Morreale introduced the topic of the Special Police Protection Contract formerly held with the Saratoga County Sheriff Department. Mayor Morreale stressed that it was a difficult decision in not renewing the contract but mentioned that the current tax cap and an increasing water and sewer budget played roles in the decision to not renew the Special Police Protection Contract. Mayor Morreale informed those attending that the Village of Corinth already pays for coverage through County taxes and mentioned that the Village of Corinth is one square mile and has special needs such as water and sewer. Mayor Morreale stated that he’d like to create a fair way for all residents, both Village and Town to pay for police protection and stated that when patrolling in the Village, the Saratoga County Sheriff did an excellent job.

Trustee Denno followed Mayor Morreale by thanking all attendees at the meeting and explained that she was not in favor of the decision to end the police protection contract and wanted to pursue a study of crime in Corinth occurring in the past, present and future.

Trustee Kelly discussed the idea that all residents of Corinth, Town and Village pay for police protection. Trustee Kelly stressed the importance of working together to make police protection affordable for all residents of Corinth.

Trustee Halliday discussed his current views on the decision to end the special police protection contract. Trustee Halliday spoke with Corinth residents regarding crime in the area and believes that we should take a look at the area and urged all Board members to work together to generate solutions regarding the special police protection contract.

Supervisor Lucia discussed the Sheriff’s substation located in the Corinth Town Hall and cited recent acts of vandalism on the property. Supervisor Lucia mentioned the Town budget and cuts made to stay within that budget. Supervisor Lucia stated that the Town would not have extra money this year to contribute to special police protection.

Councilman Byrnes explained that he spoke with both Town and Village residents and stated that the majority of the Village residents want police protection, the majority of the Town residents do not.. He thanked the newly formed Neighborhood Watch group and expressed that both the Town and Village need to work together on this issue.

Councilman Brown expressed that it was hard to understand the recent decision in not renewing the contract with the Saratoga County Sheriff and thanked everyone for being present to discuss issues.

Corinth Central School District Superintendent Dr. Stratton explained that he felt the school district was still a priority with the Saratoga County Sheriff and expressed that there hasn’t been a visible change within the school without a renewed contact.

School Board member Meredith Jenkins asked attendees to place a dollar amount on a police protection and concluded that a study of the area would be beneficial.

School Board member Celia Lockhart detailed that police presence is useful, but wanted to know how both the Town and Village would cover the expense of police protection if the taxpayer could not. She encouraged both boards to work together and find a solution and find the money to cover the expense of police protection.

Saratoga Undersheriff Mike Castle stated that he would participate with board members on a study of crime within the area.

Mayor Morreale restated the Village Board’s decision to withdraw from the Corinth Youth Commission to pursue their own summer youth program. Recently offered trips through the Village of Corinth Recreation Program were briefly outlined and are expected to continue in the 2018 season.

Supervisor Lucia mentioned that he has two individuals working for the Corinth Youth Commission and hopes to coordinate with the Town of Greenfield Recreation Program in the future.

Corinth Fire Chief Andrew Kelley addressed the Fire Protection Contract and explained that it protects both Town and Village residents. The need for communication between all boards collaborating on the Fire Protection Contract was mentioned. Chief Andrew Kelley called for additional meetings between boards to discuss the Town Board signing the Fire Protection Contract.

Trustee Kelly mentioned that she had been shown the firehouse equipment geared toward Town residences and the added expense that accompanies them. Trustee Kelly addressed the Town Board and questioned if there was a more equitable way in sharing the Fire Protection Contract expense and urged both Boards to work together in finding a fair solution.

Trustee Halliday addressed the subject of vacant lots in the village and mentioned that the Village Board is working on their improvement.

Trustee Denno added that there are multiple property owners of vacant lots within the Village and that these owners have been invited to meetings to discuss their lots. Trustee Denno explained that the Village had been working with the Restore New York Program which could potentially provide a grant to vacant lots and revitalize the Village.

Mayor Morreale added that he has written a letter of intent to the Restore New York Program addressing the Main Street School and possible uses of the building for the future. Mayor Morreale explained that a grant won’t be awarded this year through the program but hopes to have a plan in place by next year.

Supervisor Lucia called for additional 2018 Town of Corinth Bicentennial volunteers to help assist in planning. Corinth High School teachers are working with Town officials to create a mock board meeting used to commemorate Corinth’s past. Local artist, Cate Mandigo will be offering a new print available for purchase celebrating Corinth’s history. Bicentennial T-shirts have been created by Councilman Collura. Supervisor Lucia mentioned that the next Bicentennial meeting is scheduled for November 20, 7PM at the Corinth EMS Building.

School Board Member Celia Lockhart addressed the Main Street School building and asked the boards if we should raze, sell, donate or use the building to facilitate educational purposes. Several areas of repair including exterior stairs and a leaking roof were addressed. The estimated cost in the amount of $8,500.00 was given.  School Board Member

Lockhart mentioned that the School Board would be discussing the building at upcoming meetings and pointed out that the building has been vacant for a long time period and that a decision should be made soon on how to further progress on the site.

Trustee Denno addressed the Special Police Contract by asking each Board to pick a date to select committees. She urged each meeting to be public.


Tom Ketchum, Oak St, thanked all attendees who coordinated the joint meeting as well as Trustee Denno for her thoughts regarding the Special Police Protection Contract.

Tim Murphy, Walnut St,  spoke in regard to the Village of Corinth Comprehensive Plan. Mr. Murphy commented that when this plan was put in place, no consideration was given to residents. He expressed frustration over both the Town and Village Boards not communicating.

Michelle Mosca addressed the issue of the Main Street School and its preservation. She urged the use of grants to restore the building and cited its examples of architecture and relevancy in the Village. Ms. Mosca mentioned working together with the school to create a vision for the future and saving the building for future use.

Louise Carney commented that she was unhappy with the lack of communication between Town and Village Boards, the decision to not renew the Special Police Protection Contract and the Village Board’s decision to pursue its own recreation program. Ms. Carney called for a 5-10 year plan and improved communication between boards.


Councilman Halliday mentioned scheduling another joint meeting in the future between boards. Both boards agreed on January 18, 2018, 6 PM at the Corinth EMS Building.

Supervisor Lucia thanked all who attended and reminded the public to attend the November 18th, 2017 celebration at the Corinth Mill Museum honoring its National Registry status. Supervisor Lucia concluded the meeting by stating that the Town Board would remain in session.


Motion by Trustee Halliday, seconded by Trustee Denno, that Board adjourn, 8:10 PM.

Annaliese Stautner
Deputy Clerk-Treasurer