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Village Board Minutes

July 10, 2013 (7)

A special joint meeting of the Village Board and Town Council was held July 10, 2013 at 7:00 PM in the firehouse, 16 Saratoga Avenue.

Mayor Morreale called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Trustee Denno, Trustee Enekes, and Trustee Halliday were present. Trustee Saunders was excused.

Also present: DPW Supt Lozier; Fire Chief Kelley; Dep Clerk/Treas Lissow; Atty Buettner; Planning Board Chair Rogers; Councilman Brown; Councilman Byrnes; Councilman Collura; Town Clerk Farr; Sr. Center Director Crossman.


Ed Byrnes thanked the members of the Senior Housing Committee for their work on the affordable senior housing project. He then introduced Garry Olsen, Bill Tietor, and Jack Kelley of Olsen & Whitney. Mr. Olsen discussed his concept of a 3 story senior housing complex to be built at Jessupís Landing Community Park. He noted that there was a sense of urgency in moving the project along since there is an October 2013 deadline for applications for NYS tax credits. †He asked that the Village either donate or sell the park for $1. Atty Buettner noted that the Village could not do that; the Comptrollerís office requires that adequate compensation must be received for such a transaction. The Village paid $65,000 for the parcel, and it is now assessed for $149,200. Mr. Olsen stated that, although community donations would help in scoring on the application, the development corporation would be able to agree to adequate compensation. He felt that an appraisal of the property would be a good idea. He also noted that approximately 2 feet of fill would need to be brought in to bring up the level of the property; Mr. Byrnes said that the Town would donate the fill. Mr. Olsen stated that a non-profit partner would be needed according to the application.

Jim Martin of the LA Group and Planning Board Chair Matt Rogers then discussed the zoning options for the project. It is currently zoned Village Business, which does not allow multi-family dwellings. They discussed a Planned Development District as well as rezoning. Atty Buettner was instructed to amend the definition of Village Business to include multi-family dwellings for review at the July 17 Board meeting.

Chairman Rogers noted that the possibility of selling the Village-owned beach parking lot should be examined in order to provide ingress and egress to the property. Mayor Morreale expressed concern about losing the parking spaces; Mr. Olsen reassured the Board that if the development company purchased the lot, parking spaces would be left for public parking.

Chief Kelley noted that the fire siren on the property would need to be moved to a specified location if the property were purchased and Mr. Olsen agreed that the company would move it.

Michael Woodcock expressed his strong support of the project. Councilman Collura asked about possible Army Corps of Engineers and DEC interaction. Mr. Kelley noted that the Planning Board would notify all agencies that would need to be involved.

Mr. Olsen noted that he would be sending the Village Board a letter of intent to purchase the property for their consideration at its July 17 meeting.


Chief Kelley described the recent incidents at the Densmore bridge where 5 people were almost swept over the falls due to the high water and swift river currents. †The rescue boat almost sank during both rescue operations and Chief Kelley will no longer send the boat below the bridge. He noted that this was an emergency situation and that he had spoken with Clerk-Treasurer Colson regarding the availability of funds for the purchase of a new rescue boat. He distributed information on 3 boats he had researched. He felt that the 21 foot Zodiac rigid hull inflatable with a fiberglass bottom would most suit the fire departmentís needs. The old boat would be kept and used for lake rescue operations. He also noted that he has requested that the county put new signage on the bridge warning boaters of the danger ahead. Councilman Byrnes asked that Chief Kelley address the Town Board at its July 11 meeting and ask if the Town would be willing to share the cost of the boats.

Motion by Trustee Denno, seconded by Trustee Halliday authorized the Village Board to spend up to $60,000 from fund balance for the purchase of a new rescue boat.
Carried 3 -† 0 †



Trustee Denno reported that Sue Commanda had volunteered the Hudson River Community Credit Union to be the non-profit partner for the Senior Housing Project. The Board agreed this was acceptable.

Trustee Halliday inquired about signage for the Main Street school zone. The Mayor responded that signs have not yet been erected.


Motion by Trustee Enekes, seconded by Trustee Halliday that Board adjourn, 9:15 PM.
Carried 3 Ė 0

Alice M. Lissow
Deputy Clerk-Treasurer