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Village Board Minutes

September 29, 2011 (18)

A special joint meeting of the Village Board and Town Board was held September 29, 2011 at 6:30 PM in the firehouse, 16 Saratoga Avenue.

Mayor Winslow called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Trustee Denno, Trustee Densmore and Trustee Enekes were present.  Trustee Lescault was excused.
Also Present: Atty Buettner, Deputy Clerk/Treas Lissow, Bldg Insp Jacon and Clerk/Treas Colson
Town Board Present: Supervisor Lucia, Councilmen Brown, Byrnes, Major, and Saunders, and Clerk Farr
Presenters: Jim Angus, SEDC; Kurt Shaner, Dan Schooler, and Don Hallock, Waste Connections.

Jim Angus of the SEDC gave a brief overview summarizing the August 3, 2011 presentation about the IP property and possible development by Moncada Energy Group.  Mr. Angus stated that although Moncada is interested in purchasing the portion of the IP property in the Village, they are not interested in purchasing the Town portion of the property that includes the landfills.  IP has refused to sell the property without including the landfills in the purchase.  Mr. Angus introduced representatives of Waste Connections to discuss their interest in the landfill property.

Kurt Shaner of Waste Connections gave a detailed public presentation regarding potential use of the IP landfill properties located in the Town.  Waste Connections is the third largest municipal solid waste company in the US with headquarters in Folsom, CA, they own County Waste.  Waste Connections is interested in operating the IP landfills for municipal solid waste from the Capital region, no hazardous waste would be accepted.  Waste would enter the property by transfer trailers coming from the south on County Route 24, nothing would be brought by rail.  Waste Connections expects to accept 800 tons of waste per day, approximately 40-50 trucks, operating five and one-half days per week.  The company expects the life of the landfill to be approximately 30 active years and suggested 15 to 20 full time jobs could be created by the operation.  Mr. Shaner stated gas from the landfill could possibly be used by Moncada to generate electricity and it may be possible to cover the closed landfill with solar panels when its capacity is reached.  Mr. Shaner spoke of the possibility of a negotiated “host royalty” of $3-$4 per ton which could work out to as much as $900,000 per year paid to the municipalities, the division of which would be negotiated.  Waste Connections also sponsors numerous community programs in the areas it operates.

Mr. Shaner spoke of several items that would need to be addressed to bring the company to the Town including community acceptance of the project, repealing the Town ordinance restricting the landfill, modifying the deed restrictions on the property, and Town support in the SEQRA process.



Village, Town and surrounding area residents Rena Bernstein, Herb Syrop, Jack Abbot, Susan Abbott, Barbara Weatherwax, Jim Hopkins, Charles Clements, Dennis Morreale, Renee Baker, Jackie Burnham, Joel Duguay, Sue Commanda and Tim Halliday questioned the presenters about the project and offered their opinions. 

Councilman Saunders and Corinth School Superintendent Dan Starr asked specific questions about property taxes and PILOT programs, Mr. Shaner explained that all of those details would be addressed by an agreement with the municipalities and Waste Connections if the project were to move forward.

Bob Geddis, representative from Senator Farley’s office, and Deb Capezzuti, from Assemblywoman Sayward’s office, commended the Boards for bringing the project before the public and complimented the public in attendance on their interest and courtesy.


Motion by Trustee Enekes, seconded by Trustee Denno that Board adjourn, 8:15 PM.
Carried – 3 – 0

Nicole M. Colson