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Village Board Minutes

August 17, 2011 (11)

A regular meeting of the Village Board was held August 17, 2011 at 6:00 PM in the firehouse, 16 Saratoga Ave.

Mayor Winslow called the meeting to order and Deputy Clerk/Treas Lissow led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Trustee Denno, Trustee Densmore, and Trustee Lescault were present.  Trustee Enekes was excused.

Motion by Trustee Lescault, seconded by Trustee Denno, approved minutes of regular meeting August 3, 2011 as typed.
Carried – 3 – 0


Mayor Winslow read the July Sheriff’s report.


CLERK/TREASURER – Clerk/Treas Colson was present, report for August 17, 2011 read and filed.

Resolution #13 approved, adjustment to water/sewer rolls.

Motion by Trustee Lescault, seconded by Trustee Denno approved payment of abstract #5: Payroll $31,423.33; General $52,453.97; Water $5,187.92; Sewer $5,997.32; Capital Reserve $2,575.43; and Community Development $5,640.00.
Carried – 3 – 0

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Chief Kelley was present.

DPW – Supt Emery was present.

Supt Emery requested and received Board approval to mill and repave Oak Street.  The project will be paid for with funds from the State highway assistance program.

Supt Emery notified the Board that they are running out of room to dump scrap materials such as broken concrete at the DPW garage and a solution must be found before winter snow dumping begins.

WATER/WWTP – Supt Lozier was present.

A meeting between Supt Lozier, Supt Emery, Mayor Winslow and Don Rhodes from Laberge will be held Tuesday August 23 to discuss the tree removal necessary for the dam remediation project.

BUILDING INSPECTOR – Insp Jacon was present, report for 8/4/11 – 8/17/11 read and filed.

Brett McArthur, son of the owner of 27 Walnut Street, appeared before the Board and stated he hopes to remediate the property code violations in 60 – 90 days.  Several residents of Walnut Street also spoke regarding the violations at the property.  Court date for the property at 27 Walnut Street is set for September 6 at 10:00 a.m.  Mayor Winslow and Insp Jacon explained that at that time the Court will inform Mr. McArthur of what needs to be done to remediate the issue and may impose fines.

Mayor Winslow asked Insp Jacon to contact the attorney about code violations at 205 Pine Street since his letters of violation have gone unanswered.

Insp Jacon and the Board discussed the building permit fee schedule.  Insp Jacon feels the current Village fee schedule is inadequate for commercial development and suggested separate fee scales for commercial and residential permits based on square footage, not dollar value of project.  The Board asked Insp Jacon to prepare a recommended schedule for the Board’s revue.


Clerk/Treas Colson recapped the status of the Village’s application with the EFC to fund the filtration plant and utility upgrades to comply with the GWUDI determination.  Supt Lozier stated he has a meeting scheduled with CT Male to discuss the final plans including the Dept of Health recommendations.


Atty Auffredou is preparing a draft Nuisance Abatement Law for the Board’s review.

The Corinth Youth Football League has made a request to use the field at Jessup’s Landing Park for their football practices August – October.  The League organizers will mow and care for the field while using it.  Atty Auffredou has prepared a contract requiring proper insurance coverage and exceptions for use by the Village for events with proper notification.

Motion by Trustee Denno, seconded by Trustee Lescault, authorized mayoral signature on an agreement with Corinth Youth Football for use of Jessup’s Landing Park upon final review by Village Attorney.
Carried – 3 – 0

Pat Raufman has submitted her resignation as the Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals.  The Board requested Clerk/Treas Colson send a letter to Pat thanking her for her service to the ZBA and asked Atty Auffredou to draft an amendment to the Code allowing for a three person ZBA.

Resolution #14 approved, resignation of Pat Raufman from ZBA.


Residents Thomas Burke, Bill Howenstein and Bruce Carpenter spoke to the Board about several properties in the Village they would like investigated for violation of property maintenance codes.

Jim Murray expressed the opinion that a three person ZBA was not sufficient to make decisions on projects.

Bob Hudak had several questions for the Board, Fire Chief and Clerk/Treas Colson which were answered.


Motion by Trustee Lescault, seconded by Trustee Densmore that Board adjourn, 7:15 PM.
Carried – 3 – 0

Nicole M. Colson