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Village Board Minutes

May 4, 2011 (61)

A regular meeting of the Village Board was held May 4, 2011 at 6:00 PM at the firehouse, 16 Saratoga Avenue.

Mayor Winslow called the meeting to order and Sue Commanda led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Trustees Densmore and Lescault were present; Trustee Denno was excused; Trustee Enekes was absent.

Motion by Trustee Lescault, seconded by Trustee Densmore approved minutes of the regular meeting April 20, 2011, and special meetings of April 21, 2011 and April 27, 2011 as typed.
Carried – 3 – 0


Sue Commanda, CEO of the Hudson River Community Credit Union, addressed the Board regarding the Credit Union’s purchase of a 10 acre plot from International Paper at the former mill site in the wood lot area. The Credit Union plans to construct a 2-story, 16,000 square foot operations center on the plot. The cost of the project is estimated at $2.8 million, and will initially employ 40 people with room for expansion.  She inquired about the necessary documentation required by the Zoning and Planning Boards as they hope to move in by Fall 2012. Atty Auffredou described the steps necessary for an official zoning amendment to change the code from Industrial to Village Business. He asked that a completed survey be given to Insp Jacon. The Board thanked Ms. Commanda for her input and expressed its excitement over the new venture which could be a catalyst for more development in the Village.


The Board agreed to a request from the Corinth Wesleyan Church seeking to use the beach area behind the library for a Baptism Service on June 5, 2011 at 6:30 PM.


CLERK/TREASURER - Clerk/Treas Colson was present, report for 5/4 read & filed.

The Board tabled a request from the Corinth Emergency Squad to hold a coin drop June 10 through June 12 pending attorney review.

The Board agreed to allow Corinth Head Start use of Pagenstecher Park on June 15 from 3 PM – 7 PM. Jim Murray has volunteered to be the park attendant for the event.

Clerk/Treas Colson reported that she had been contacted by EFC with regard to refinancing the Village’s bonds for the 2002 Pine Street project. EFC will be holding a bond sale to attempt to lower the interest rate which is currently 3.933%. After consulting with Atty Auffredou, Clerk/Treas Colson submitted paperwork for refinancing. There will be no expenses billed to the Village for the refinancing.

Motion by Trustee Lescault, seconded by Trustee Densmore approved payment of Abstract #22: Payroll $25,347.47; General $44,674.67; Water $3,751.54; Sewer $10,960.93; and Capital Reserves $2,343.02.
Carried – 3 – 0

Resolution #82 approved, budget transfers.

Trustee Lescault noted that JP Trucking has been doing an excellent job as the Village’s trash collector and asked Clerk/Treas Colson to contact the company and commend them.

FIRE DEPT – Chief Kelley was present, report for April 2011 read & filed.

Chief Kelley reported that the new fire truck had been trailored back to Louisiana to repair cabinetry cracks and should return this week. There will be an additional year’s warranty on the truck.

The Board tabled Chief Kelley’s request for a Fire Dept. coin drop on July 29 – 31 pending attorney review.

DPW/WATER/WWTP – Supt Lozier was excused, report for April 2011 read & filed.

BUILDING INSPECTOR – Insp Jacon was present, report for 4/24/11 – 5/4/11 read & filed.

Mayor Winslow asked if anything had been done to correct the conditions of the Jon Kelley property on Pine St. Insp Jacon replied that he had written the owner about the code violations, but they have not been repaired. Atty Auffredou will review the correspondence with Insp Jacon and recommend a specific course of action.

ATTORNEY – Atty Auffredou was present, report for May 4, 2011 read & filed.

The Planning Board denied Des & Dill’s request for outdoor dining on the sidewalk due to insufficient space. The Board will meet on May 26 and possibly discuss HRCCU’s project.


No further update on GWUDI.

Atty Auffredou discussed the procedures that Hudson Falls uses to implement its Nuisance Law. When a certain number of points accumulate on a property over a period of time, the Code Enforcement Officer, in conjunction with the Village Police Dept, issues a report to the Village Board of Trustees who then decide if the law should be enforced. Mayor Winslow noted that in Corinth, the Sheriff’s report would first have to be sorted to remove Town activities. Further discussion was tabled until a full Board is present.

Trustee Lescault stated that she felt the Shared Services/Dissolution Committee members should begin to hold discussions with Village residents to publicize their findings and recommendations.

Resolution #83 approved, authorized Mayoral signature on 2011/2012 Fire Protection Contract between the Village, Town of Corinth, and Fire Department in the amount of $274,737.00.


Ray Bush commented that several people and children were at the beach during the recent high water and felt that the DPW should install a locked gate to keep people off the pathway under the bridge when the water is high.

Jim Murray also commented on the lack of a Sheriff’s presence during the recent high water event.


Trustee Densmore noted that the high water was considered a 100 year occurrence.

Motion by Trustee Lescault, seconded by Trustee Densmore, that Board adjourn, 6:40 PM.
Carried – 3 – 0

Alice M. Lissow
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer