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Corinth Vol. Fire Dept.
16 Saratoga Ave.
Corinth, NY 12822


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Member Roster

Active Members

Tracy Aldous
Levi Barss  
Derek Briner
Dwayn Burke
Ray Bush
James Clark
Robert Crist
Adam Daniels
Shane Daniels
Steve Dearborn
Steve Denton
Steve Denton II
Ben Earls
Jerry Ferro
Shane Frasier
Larry French
Justin Gipe
Kevin Granger
Joel Jenkins
Greg Jenkins
Mike Jiguere
Andy Kelley
Dan Kruger
Ron Lessard
Joseph Marcotte
Chad Miner
Nate Miner
Lou Montello Jr.
Dennis Morreale
Frank Nocilla
Mike O’Brien
Chuck Pasquarell
Christopher Rudolph
Martin Scholte
Mike Stanton
Brandon Stautner
William Stewart
Jim Thompson
Lee Towers
James Wickham
Shawn Wickham
Dave Woodcock
Mike R.Woodcock
Mike T. Woodcock

Inactive Members

Fred Allen
William Butler
Tom Burke
John Collura
John DeLong
William Denno
Dan Kelley
Norm Mjaatvedt
Lou Montello Sr.
Brent Rowland
Doug Smead
Chris Smith
David Towers

Honorary Members

Zen Baudoux
Joe Crandall
Shane Eggleston
Rev. Patty Girard
Greg Hendricks
Clifford Jensen
Chris Owen
Richard Requa
Brian Straight
Ken White
David M. Woodcock

Social Officers

President – Michael O’Brien
Vice-President – Michael Woodcock
Secretary – Larry French
Treasurer – Joel Jenkins
Trustee – Ron Lessard
Trustee – Ben Earls
Trustee – Shane Frasier
Trustee – Mike Jiguere
Trustee – Dwayne Burke


Fire Officers


Chief – Andy Kelley

Car 21

1st Asst. – Kevin E. Granger

Car 21-0

2nd Asst. – Steve Denton II

Car 21-9

3rd Asst. – Michael Stanton

Car 20-0

Captain – Shawn Wickham

Portable 215

1st Lt. – Derek Briner

Portable 211

2nd Lt. – Levi Barss

Portable 212

3rd Lt. – Brandon Stautner

Portable 213

4th Lt. – William Champagne

Portable 214

Last Revised 4/8/2014