Village of Corinth


Message from the Mayor



Corinth Residents,

11-3-05 Corinth Residents,

A little more information regarding Philmet’s plans for the former IP property have come to light. Upon a chance encounter and brief discussion with the project manager for Philmet, the following information was subsequently discussed in open session at our village board meeting 11-2-05.


1. That Philmet plans to build a gasification plant to be located in existing buildings on the former IP property.

2. That the fuel for the gasification plan will come from a processing plant in NJ, where construction & demolition materials along with tires will be sorted and processed into pellets and shipped to the Corinth gasification plant.

3. The gasification plant will not have any smokestack, and there will be no atmospheric releases except for excess steam, similar to the steam release that occurs at Indeck Energy.

4. The end product ash will be shipped back out, and nothing will be deposited into Corinth landfills.

5. The existing landfill contents will be exhumed and the contents gasified. The land now used for the landfills (over 30 acres) will eventually be used for an expansion of an industrial park with other industrial tenants.

6. Philmet plans to double the electrical generating capacity of the mill power plant, and sell electricity on the grid, just like Indeck Energy and Epcor (formerly Transcanada).

7. Other industrial tenants will be enticed into locating in this industrial park by benefiting from up to 30% reductions in energy costs.

8. Further information will be released to local government officials and the public over the next few weeks. This website will be updated as it occurs.


The facts as verbally given to me are being disseminated for information only. Your Village Board neither opposes or endorses Philmet’s plans at this time. Supervisor Lucia and I continue to press Philmet for an official meeting. We will notify the public when this happens.


Sincerely yours,


Brad Winslow, Mayor