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September 4, 2019 (12)

A public hearing and regular meeting of the Village Board was held September 4, 2019 at 6:00 PM in the firehouse, 16 Saratoga Avenue.

Mayor Morreale called the meeting to order & led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Trustee Enekes, Trustee Halliday, Trustee Kelly & Trustee Pasquarell were present.

A public hearing having been duly advertised in the Post Star on August 28, 2019, was held at 6:00 PM to allow public comment on CDBG grant #282-PR51-17 for the Forcemain & Trunk Sewer project.


With no comment from the public, Mayor Morreale closed the public hearing at 6:01.

Nicole M. Colson

A regular meeting of the Village Board was held September 4, 2019 at 6:01 PM in the firehouse, 16 Saratoga Avenue.

Motion by Trustee Pasquarell, seconded by Trustee Kelly, approved minutes of regular meeting August 21, 2019 as typed.
Carried – 4 – 0




CLERK/TREASURER – Clerk/Treas Colson was present, report for 9/4/19 read & filed.

Motion by Trustee Pasquarell, seconded by Trustee Enekes, approved payment of abstract #6: Payroll $37,633.65; General $72,596.13; Water $7,083.97; Sewer $12,095.36; and Capital Reserves $996,102.70.
Carried – 4 – 0

Clerk/Treas Colson informed the Board that municipalities in Saratoga County will begin collecting a revenue from the landfill profit sharing resulting from the sale of the County landfill to a private company.  The Village received their first check in the amount of $8,216.69 for 2018 profits.  All Towns, Cities & Villages will receive a portion of the profits each year based on the same formula used to calculate sales tax.  Towns and Cities will receive an additional $20,000 per year under a separate resolution of the County Board of Administrators.

Clerk/Treas Colson stated the Fire Dept equipment reserves have not yet been funded due to the lack of a signed contract from the Town.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Chief Kelley was present, report for August read & filed.

Chief Kelley stated several lengths of hose did not pass the recent testing and was replaced.

Chief Kelley also asked the board to consider contracting with the Firemen’s Association to provide traffic control for the Hometown Christmas Fireworks.  Atty Buettner requested Chief Kelley call her to discuss.

DPW/WATER/WWTP – Supt Lozier was present, report for August read & filed.

Supt Lozier stated that chlorine usage at the water plant has decreased due to distribution line replacements and meters curbing usage.  Previously the plant would use 100-120 gallons of chlorine per month, current usage is 84 gallons per month.  Supt Lozier expects these numbers to continue to decrease as more lines are replaced.

Supt Lozier also requested the Board consider increasing the frequency of leaf & brush pick-up as well as the possibility of scrap metal collection.  The Board requested Supt Lozier work out the details for their consideration.

BUILDING DEPARTMENT – Insp Hepner was present, report for 9/4/19 read & filed.

Trustee Kelly asked Insp Hepner if he was addressing the billboard situation in relation to the new zoning code.  Insp Hepner stated he had contacted the owner of the one on Main St and would pursue the ones on Saratoga Ave as well.

Mayor Morreale requested Insp Hepner address the multiple cars at the garage on Hamilton Avenue.



Motion by Trustee Halliday, seconded by Trustee Pasquarell, approved mayoral signature on agreement with Mulleyville Snowmobile Club to access the Reservoir Property and grant documentation acknowledging the permission.
Carried – 4 – 0

Mayor Morreale stated he met with Dr. Stratton regarding the crossing guards and Dr. Stratton will speak with the school resource officer about covering the crossing in front of the Oak Street School.  Mayor Morreale also asked the Board to consider providing rain gear and winter jackets to the crossing guards.  Supt Lozier will get pricing and Atty Buettner will draft a policy for the Board’s consideration.

Clerk-Treas Colson informed the Board that the County is administering a $1.4 million CDBG program which would allow participating communities to apply to the County for funding.  Participating communities would not be eligible to apply for CDBG funding outside the County program.  After consideration the Board decided to opt-out from the County program due to the Village’s success in receiving grants of up to $1 million for our infrastructure projects.

Resolution #26 approved, authorizing mayoral signature on paperwork to opt-out of the County CDBG program.

Clerk-Treas Colson informed the Board that the EFC revolving loan funds could not be used for the match required for the NYWIIA grant to replace Palmer Avenue as the Board planned.  The EFC funds were approved outside of the State timeline for the project.  In order to provide the $2 million required to complete the project the Board would have to bond at market rate.  The Board elected to pass on the current NYWIIA funding round until another funding avenue could be identified in order to not incur interest payments on debt.

Resolution #27 approved, rescind Resolution #25 to apply for NYWIIA funding at this time.


Eric Butler, Town Councilman, addressed the Board regarding correspondence received August 21, 2019 from the Town Supervisor regarding vacant lots with water connections in the Passarelli Water District.  Councilman Butler stated he felt the letter sent by the Supervisor did not adequately express the intention of the Town Board.  Councilman Butler went on to explain his position that the developer should not have to pay the MVC on the vacant lots because it may impede his willingness to expand the development which would bring additional users and expand the water customer base, potentially lowering the overall MVC.  The Board explained the Town had adopted the same water law the Village uses and they feel all users must be treated equally under the law.



Motion by Trustee Halliday, seconded by Trustee Enekes, that Board adjourn, 6:53 PM.
Carried – 4 – 0

Nicole M. Colson